Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This I Believe (written June 2005)

Spring of senior year, it’s what I’d been living for. I must have checked the mailbox almost religiously, everyday, waiting for the one letter that would inevitably give my life purpose. I waited for the meaning of life to settle itself in my mailbox packaged inside an envelope in the form of one word – “congratulations.” I often daydreamed about getting that letter, and every time I did, I could feel the letter paper between my fingers becoming moist with perspiration, I could smell the ink on the page, and I could feel the ecstatic joy pulsing through my veins and spilling out through my eyes. It was so real, more real than the reality of what happened.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

씁쓸함에 대하여

I'd have to say that the 10cm song 우정, 그 씁쓸함에 대하여 is an interesting song that incorporates some techniques that I personally love to use in my own writing. The lyrics employ a lot of repetition and parallel sentence construction that gives the song a sense of tight, purposeful, poetic composition.