Monday, December 17, 2007

School's OUT!

Now that the semester is finally over...
I have the time to get back to business.

The spectacles are coming along...
I'm still fiddling w/the prototype pair,
and they look pretty neat~

I have the vinyl masks
and the masquerade goggles
on the back burner at the moment...
I don't have the appropriate ribbon and
some gold jump rings haven't showed up!

I've heard from home that my Bobobie Erin has arrived!
I hope to see her soon.

I need to give my boys new faceups,
but I need to get some more paint medium.

I still really want a Petit Blythe!

In any case...
Christmas is only a week away!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pleasant Surprise

I received my Shiwoo head in the mail today.
I'm so glad^^ It's just as I thought!
Nothing a little ethyl acetate and a magic sponge couldn't fix~

I realized how much the CP noses are unappealing to me.
As of now I'm leaning towards keeping my Namu
and selling the Shiwoo after a fixup.

We'll see what happens next after I give them both new faceups.

Brain NOT on Studies

I've been thinking it over
instead of studying...

I think I really want a Petit Blythe.
I know I think the larger ones are aesthetically awkward,
but the small ones are endearing.
Plus, I really want the MegaHouse animal furniture sets
and a 1/12 dollhouse to put it in...
and then of course I'd need someone to live in it.
(You see where this is going?)
Although a PocketFairy would fit they're really not to scale...
because they're babies!(I don't have the money anyway)

I've also been thinking...
I need to get some shoes for SungWoon.
He's going to be barefoot forever it seems.
And I'm going to get some 14mm eyes for him.
I liked the sweet innocent look from the 16mm,
but I think it's time for an image upgrade.

So many things to think about besides my studies...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Impulse Purchases

I believe there is something terribly wrong with me.
I just bought myself a Bobobie WS Erin.

I'm supposed to be studying!
but instead I'm ogling over little bitty Erin.
She wasn't even on my wanted list. It was ALL impulse!
I of course was supposed to be saving for my dear DIM Robel...
but now I've been sidetracked.

I'm really excited. I'm sure she'll look adorable!
The reviews of the Bobobie tinies have been really good.
(The price is one of Erin's most the attractive features.)

I sent her home.
I hope I get there before she does...
I still have a week left to go.

In other news,
(an impulse buy I made a week ago)
I bought a damaged Shiwoo dreaming head for a bargain.
I'm hoping it's not as damaged as I think it might be.
I really really want to be pleasantly surprised.
I've always loved the Shiwoo dreaming head...
but I've never had a character for it to justify a purchase.
Now it looks like I'll have two floating heads.
There's no point in that so...
I'll have to decide which one to let go.
I'll think more about it once I get home.

Now, to study... maybe.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bulb-UP! on "short" Hiatus

I've got finals coming up in two weeks which means it really crunch time!
I won't be able to work on any doll projects during this period...
but the good news is that it'll be winter break after that~
I'll have practically a month to devote to my vice of choice - bjds.

Upcoming projects include...

...the spectacles I've been talking about.
I've finally received all the materials.
I'm pretty excited about them.
I hope they turn out better than I expect them to.

...some new goggles. I'm naming them Masquerade Goggles.
I've decided to break down the Fop & Dandy Necklace Collection.
(Since they're so unpopular.)
I'm using the components to make some different goggles.
I tried to find some white leather, but was unsuccessful.
Instead I got some white vinyl, and OH MY!
Vinyl is so much easier to work with~
And since vinyl is cheaper than leather...
I have a remnants to make more stuff!

...animal masks! Masquerade style.
I'm experimenting with the white vinyl.
I'm really excited about this project.
I feel it's the one that everyone should be looking forward to.

I've got a lot of things on my plate for the break.
My last final is on the 15th so I'm counting the days.
I'm so excited about it all that
I'm forgetting the hell I'll have to go through to reach the end.

Well, hope your December is off to a better start than mine~

Monday, November 19, 2007

Eye Patch Goggles Remake?

I've been getting some questions about whether or not I plan on making more of the Eye Patch Goggles...

The answer for now is, "Probably not."

This was a OOAK collection, not to mention, I don't have any of the materials on hand to make more^^ However, I can't say for sure because I really do like doing remakes, usually with a twist. Maybe in the future they'll be a Eye Patch II collection, but I can't say for certain because I can't see into the future...

Like it says above, "illuminating one bright idea at a time"...

Eye Patch Goggles SOLD OUT! updated with owner pics

Thanks to PixielatedTink & Heceta.

The Eye Patch Goggles were sold out in a matter of a day. I think that's the most successful sale I've conducted yet. I guess it pays to have a unique product ^^ (On the other hand, the Fop & Dandy Collection, perhaps in part due to its simplicity isn't as popular-__-;;;)

In any case, I'm that much closer to buying my DIM Robel!

My next project won't be goggles but glasses. Still sticking with the eyewear~ I'm thinking about working out some SteamPunk inspired brassy spectacles. I'm still in the process of gathering the materials... Updates will be forthcoming.

I'm so thankful for all the positive feedback on these goggles.
Warm and fuzzy feelings along with a slightly bloated head are being experienced.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Commissioned Goggles - updated with owner pics

Commissioned goggles for K_en on DoA.

See more pictures on K_en's gallery thread on DoA.

Original Goggles - updated with owner pics

The original goggles that started it all.

thanks to Clam Wings

See more pictures on Clam Wing's Gallery Thread on DoA.