Sunday, December 9, 2007

Impulse Purchases

I believe there is something terribly wrong with me.
I just bought myself a Bobobie WS Erin.

I'm supposed to be studying!
but instead I'm ogling over little bitty Erin.
She wasn't even on my wanted list. It was ALL impulse!
I of course was supposed to be saving for my dear DIM Robel...
but now I've been sidetracked.

I'm really excited. I'm sure she'll look adorable!
The reviews of the Bobobie tinies have been really good.
(The price is one of Erin's most the attractive features.)

I sent her home.
I hope I get there before she does...
I still have a week left to go.

In other news,
(an impulse buy I made a week ago)
I bought a damaged Shiwoo dreaming head for a bargain.
I'm hoping it's not as damaged as I think it might be.
I really really want to be pleasantly surprised.
I've always loved the Shiwoo dreaming head...
but I've never had a character for it to justify a purchase.
Now it looks like I'll have two floating heads.
There's no point in that so...
I'll have to decide which one to let go.
I'll think more about it once I get home.

Now, to study... maybe.

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