Thursday, December 13, 2007

Brain NOT on Studies

I've been thinking it over
instead of studying...

I think I really want a Petit Blythe.
I know I think the larger ones are aesthetically awkward,
but the small ones are endearing.
Plus, I really want the MegaHouse animal furniture sets
and a 1/12 dollhouse to put it in...
and then of course I'd need someone to live in it.
(You see where this is going?)
Although a PocketFairy would fit they're really not to scale...
because they're babies!(I don't have the money anyway)

I've also been thinking...
I need to get some shoes for SungWoon.
He's going to be barefoot forever it seems.
And I'm going to get some 14mm eyes for him.
I liked the sweet innocent look from the 16mm,
but I think it's time for an image upgrade.

So many things to think about besides my studies...

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