Monday, July 13, 2009

Tea Sandwiches

Tea sandwiches are quite lovely, although not as tasty as the traditional not so lovely sandwich.

Last Friday my sister and I made a whole loaf's worth of tea sandwiches from stuff we just had at home. (I mean we did need to go buy some white bread and creamcheese, but the other stuff we had on hand.)

We made 5 different varieties and everyone had their own favorite.
1. Smoked salmon & cucumber with chive creamcheese
2. Old Bay seasoned "crab" meat with mayo
3. Smoked oyster spread with onions
4. Wasabi soy bean spread with tomatoes
5. Cinnamon prune spread with creamcheese

Who knew making these dainty finger treats could be so laborious?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blue Chair Love

I absolutely love folding chairs. I have this near obsession with them, and I got these two metal folding chairs for under $5 last summer at a junk yard down in Surry, VA. They're actually not the same chair, but I painted them both this gorgeous blue so they work as a pair. Now I'm using them as nightstands for my bed. They add a nice pop of color to my room.

the Summer Romper cont.

It's been several months since my last post. I haven't been dilly-dallying, but I've just been neglecting to blog. Shall we say I'm not the most diligent blogger.

Anyway, back to those rompers!

I have always been a fan of eBay as far as finding those specific vintage goodies; especially because thrift stores and whatnots in this area are very lacking to say the least. Not to mention I'm not as hardcore as I could be when it comes to thrifting. So thanks to the wonderful eBay the first to rompers I show you today found their way into my life and closet.

So, this first find just tickled my fancy and I decided I had to own it. The yellow with the contrasting black and tie-dye nonetheless! Plus the magenta and purple accents. How 80s fantastic! I styled my outfit much in the same manner that the model did, but I can't help but wonder if I'd be able to pull it off much better if I were a bleach-blond.

Again from eBay. The looseness of this one got me. Plus, I have to admit the model wearing this one is quite exquisitely styled not to mention tall and lean, which I am unfortunately not.

Lastly, I've got this nice denim piece which happens to be one owned and worn by my very own mother. I remember she tried to make me wear it a few years ago, but I just wasn't feeling it then. But now I think it's something I'm willing to do.

So thus ends my quest to find a summer romper. I'm not sure if any of these are quite summery enough to count as a "summer romper," but in any case I'm done with the rompers I've moved onto other vintage must haves. However, that's for another post, another time.