Wednesday, April 8, 2015

20150408: plane, quail, crisps

She flew over on a plane to enjoy how quail crisps in his oven.

To the list of other pieces inspired by random words.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Greetings, 2015!

I believe 2014 was the most fulfilling year yet. In 2014, things that I've dreamed of happening for as long as I can remember became a reality. I bought a house and moved out. I found myself in a wonderful relationship. It's all been too wonderful to properly recount in so many words.

In all honesty, I was was not very optimistic at the beginning of 2014. I just wasn't sure after so many false starts in 2013 that I would get anywhere soon. In response to feeling like I was being taken for a ride in 2013, I made the resolution to be assertive for the 2014 calendar year. As much as I thought I would have to battle people who would continue to push and pull me around, 2014 turned out to be my year. I never felt the need to be very assertive because when the right opportunity presented itself it wasn't difficult for me and everyone see that. It turns out most people do just want what's best for you, and it's difficult to argue against something that is clearly the right choice.

In response to the great successes in 2014, I'm very much at a loss on what to hope for and work on in 2015. I've usually never found this to be a problem, but 2014 was a very different kind of year for me. Perhaps, it is in that vein that I'll find my answer.

2014 was different in that I spend very little time alone. I found myself discovering who I was in the context of another, and in doing so I felt alienated from the self I had spent all my years prior cultivating, the creative, expressive individualist. I spent very little time creating for the sake of creation, and I felt disconnected from the individual in me that desired that sort of self-expression. All my energies were focused externally, and I guess at the end of the year I have little to show for myself in terms of those products of creative expression. It feels a little empty.

So in 2015 I seek balance. I want to know how to be a successful half of a relationship without losing my clear sense of self. I want to find what there is to express as an individual within the context of being a couple. I hope to find that by rediscovering and strengthening my sense of self I'll be able to add more value to my relationship. 2015 will be a year to question, "who am I now?"

Every year I wish for peace, love, & prosperity, and this year I add "health" to that list. May 2015 be filled with health, peace, love, & prosperity! Happy New Year!