Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bulb-UP! on "short" Hiatus

I've got finals coming up in two weeks which means it really crunch time!
I won't be able to work on any doll projects during this period...
but the good news is that it'll be winter break after that~
I'll have practically a month to devote to my vice of choice - bjds.

Upcoming projects include...

...the spectacles I've been talking about.
I've finally received all the materials.
I'm pretty excited about them.
I hope they turn out better than I expect them to.

...some new goggles. I'm naming them Masquerade Goggles.
I've decided to break down the Fop & Dandy Necklace Collection.
(Since they're so unpopular.)
I'm using the components to make some different goggles.
I tried to find some white leather, but was unsuccessful.
Instead I got some white vinyl, and OH MY!
Vinyl is so much easier to work with~
And since vinyl is cheaper than leather...
I have a remnants to make more stuff!

...animal masks! Masquerade style.
I'm experimenting with the white vinyl.
I'm really excited about this project.
I feel it's the one that everyone should be looking forward to.

I've got a lot of things on my plate for the break.
My last final is on the 15th so I'm counting the days.
I'm so excited about it all that
I'm forgetting the hell I'll have to go through to reach the end.

Well, hope your December is off to a better start than mine~

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