Monday, November 19, 2007

Eye Patch Goggles SOLD OUT! updated with owner pics

Thanks to PixielatedTink & Heceta.

The Eye Patch Goggles were sold out in a matter of a day. I think that's the most successful sale I've conducted yet. I guess it pays to have a unique product ^^ (On the other hand, the Fop & Dandy Collection, perhaps in part due to its simplicity isn't as popular-__-;;;)

In any case, I'm that much closer to buying my DIM Robel!

My next project won't be goggles but glasses. Still sticking with the eyewear~ I'm thinking about working out some SteamPunk inspired brassy spectacles. I'm still in the process of gathering the materials... Updates will be forthcoming.

I'm so thankful for all the positive feedback on these goggles.
Warm and fuzzy feelings along with a slightly bloated head are being experienced.

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