Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Forsythia & Butterflies

What have I been up to the this last month?
Now, that is a very loaded question, isn't it?
Because the very simple answer is "nothing," but surely all those hours must have been spent doing something, neh?

I spent a good amount of time waiting for a decorative throw pillow to arrive from a rather frustrating, non-communicative etsy seller. It has, however, finally arrived. It is quite lovely. It's made from a vintage Robert Van Allen screenprinted canvas with a cute, cute forsythia design. I love it. I really do.
I currently have it set up on this folding chair that I got for fifty cents at the Unique thrift store in Falls Church. For less than a dollar this chair was a steal!
Of course I've been working on some decorative projects around the house. I made myself a paper cutout butterfly mobile to hand under one of my hall lamps. It's a nice whimsical touch to my basement abode. It was largely inspired by that classic Pottery Barn Kid's butterfly mobile.
Oh, I also made a little ruffle shade out of some scrap fabric and some rubberbands for my other ceiling lamp, but I couldn't get a good picture of it with my cellphone camera, which is what I've had to resort to recently.

Maybe if I feel like it I'll get some more interesting stuff on this blog. Only if I feel like it, which happens to be my motto as of late.

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