Wednesday, May 4, 2011

아메리카노 좋아 좋아 좋아

아메 아메 아메 아메 아메
아메 아메 아메 아메 아메
아메 아메 아메 아메 아메
아메 아메 아메 아메 아메

I've had this 10cm song on loop today and I've realized the more I listen to it the more I love it.
아메리카노 좋아 좋아 좋아

First off, it's so damn catchy. I'm really fighting the urge to jump up and dance. I'm doing this ridiculous head bopping 어깨춤 while lip-syncing.

I'd like to profess that the Americano is my favorite coffee drink. It's my standard go-to.
메뉴판이 복잡해서 못고를때

The song has a distinct Korean flavor, aside from the fact that it's in Korean.
짜장면 먹고
순대국 먹고

With such cute wordplay that only works in Korean.
어떻게 하노

And like a good cup of Americano it's a real good pick-me-up.
아메리카노 진해 진해 진해

Again, like a good cup of Americano the song is simple. (The idea of adding syrup or sugar seems so wrong to me.)
실업 실업 실업/설탕 설탕 설탕
빼고 주세요 빼고 주세요

While the song seems uncomplicated at first there's definitely more to it, especially if you tend to want to read between the lines like I do.
아메리카노 깊어 깊어 깊어

The imagery of the situations described in the lyrics are dynamic, interesting and deliciously ironic.

He's poor and hungry.
사글세내고 돈없을때 밥대신에

He's angry and erring.
여자친구와 싸우고서 바람필때

And he chooses to drink an Americano. The taste seemingly becomes the embodiment of the ultimate emotional state of the character in the song: bitter.
써! 써! 써! 써! 써! 써!

But it's all in juxtaposition to his self professed love of the drink neatly wrapped up in a cheerful ditty.
아메리카노 좋아 좋아 좋아

Which makes you think that maybe he's not so bitter about it at all.

I guess the song just epitomizes the unsurprising notion that life is not that sweet, but we have the capability to appreciate it like a good cup of Americano.

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