Thursday, May 2, 2013

20130502: comic, earth, enzyme, pill, bird, square

A Casual Sestina to the Benefits

Of course there is always something absolutely comic
about how two people meet, two out of seven billion on Earth.
The Internet has been my alternative reaction route: my catalytic enzyme.
I always worry on the Internet that I'm coming off as a total pill
or worse, one of those innocently naive girls likened to caged birds.
I always hope to find another person and not just another square.

My life recently has been like a josei manga, and from the first square,
the first panel of a new chapter of my life, my life like a comic,
I can tell if we are drawn together like same-feathered birds
coincidentally occupying the same small patch of earth.
I know life doses each of us with our own cocktail of bitter pills
and often doesn't equip us with the necessary digestive enzymes.

If I see in you chemistry and those biochemically reactive enzymes,
what choice do I have but to meet you in life? Town center? City square?
It'll be difficult to tell if the each of us is after the red or blue pill,
but it'll be clear that the idea of "more" is trite and comic.
There will be no falling, for or in, because we are already down-to-earth.
You'll let me be a dime: no less than a chick, no more than a bird.

And we'll find out if we can take to the sky like plane or a bird.
It'll be natural and organic to begin by exchanging salivary enzymes.
It can be as predictable as running the bases, but when we hit the earth
we should find we fit together, holes and pegs all round, none square.
I'd like to find congress always expressive and at times comic,
and leave all limbs rubber with no need to even consider the pill.

Because it'll soon be like that over-worn sweater that begins to pill.
We'll each be looking beyond our hands at those bushes for birds.
The routine will get old like that of a washed-up stand-up comic.
We'll know this reaction is reaching the saturation point of enzymes.
And we'll look to break clean, remember the debts to square,
realizing that we're just two out of seven billion people on Earth.

I'm only one person on this earth, and that fact is the bitterest pill.
You might think we'll stay square, but in response I'll flip you the bird,
but one day I'll find the enzyme that catalyzes the reaction from bitter to comic.

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