Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Saying, "Good-bye."

I've been forced into a corner. I'm leaving BJDs, at least until I am more financially stable and able to handle the monetary pressures of this hobby.

It's pretty heartbreaking, but I'm a realist. I am in need of a new car and as I am not made of money, I'm currently in the process of liquidating a lot of my valuable goods, and that includes my dolls and doll things.

I know I had planned on selling my Achernar a while now, but knowing that SungWoon, the character, won't be coming home for a long time makes me sad. His SD body is for sale and it won't be replaced with an MSD until who-knows-when.

I plan on selling wigs and eyes and clothes and other BJD related stuff too.

I'm really thinking about keeping Kamen. I don't even know how much Kamen will sell for seeing how modded he is now. Maybe I can still make SD stuff even without a whole doll. I'll have to think more on it.

In any case, it's time to say, "good-bye" to a lot of my things, and realize that they are just "things" for now.

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