Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kamen the More Modded, among other things.

I just can't keep my hands off of Kamen!

He's been modded more and now he looks really feminine. Although, I attribute a lot of that to the current faceup.

I did some major work on him. I sanded his nose more and thinned the bridge plenty. I also reshaped the mouth and gave him teeth. Oh, how those teeth kill me. Gosh they're so cute! I think I love him more and more... even though he's just a floating head. That may even be his charm. I love that he can look however he wants and I don't feel guilty about it. Not like fixed characters where when something is off it's just not good enough.

He's wearing the long black wig now and sitting on my desk on his Batchix bust. He looks absolutely gorgeous. Very lovely. I might hold onto him a bit longer although I could use the cash in reshelling SungWoon and bringing home Wooju. How I'd love that.

I feel that my heart has left my DIM Achernar. It now resides with the two Dollmore kids, Pado & Cecile. Oh how I wish for them to be with me now. My mother, who insists on calling my Achernar my "boyfriend" says she feels sad to have to see him go. She asks me why I have to "break up" with him -_-;;; I guess some relationships aren't forever. My father tells me I should buy a dog if I want to go waste my money -_-;;;; Although I'd love a dog I don't have enough time to be taking care of another LIVING thing. I just told him that dogs poop too much, which is also true - compared to dolls, that is^^

In other news, my Bobobie Erin, Lola has finally found a new home. I'm sure she'll love it as she will be a first doll. First dolls get a lot of attention... at least at the beginning ^^;;; *thinks of Achernar.

In any case, I'm ready for some change in my BJD hobby-oriented lifestyle!

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