Saturday, April 5, 2008

Finding New Creative Outlets

I haven't been updated by blog nearly enough. I just find it hard to find the words to sum up a tumultuous thought process.

So lately I've been rethinking my previous BJD ways. With my DIM Achernar and all his stuff leaving it's hard to feel excited about them. Upwards of $300 a doll is hard for me to manage right now, so I've been looking elsewhere for excitement.

I recently purchased a Hujoo doll - basic, normal skin, closed eyes. (I think "Hujoo" is just silly. It's the English word "Huge" pronounced in Korean and then written in back into English! har har) The Korean doll company recently turned up an English site. I was quite excited, to say the least. I just was waiting for them to release the basic kits in the "closed eyes". I like the big-headedness of them, but I'm not too too crazy about the buggy eyes, so I'm planning on modding the less-than-half-open eyes open to my tastes.

Another thing about the Hujoos is that they're made of ABS and not resin which makes them a lot more wallet-friendly. The non-resinality of them may be a turn-off to a lot of BJD enthusiasts, but I'm more open about dolls. Plus, the ABS kind of reminds me of my Obitsu roots.

Talking about my roots, I dug out my Kelly & friends 4.5" dolls that have been sitting in a box since BJDs took over my life. A had bought a lot of them with plans on customizing them, but I never got around to it. So yesterday I gave a lot of them the attention they deserved. I made myself a nice mutant doll collection. They are not the Kellys most people recognize. They have become "my girls" and they are quite... interesting. I'll get some pictures up when they're all put together and clothed. I don't think they particularly like being naked. I need to name them still. I'm working on that.

I've really been branching out on the dolly front ever since the collapse of the BJD front. I've been looking into Blythes, but I don't think they're for me. They have a bit of a primadonna attitude that I just can't take. Although, I've been really hooked on the idea of a Petit Blythe even during my BJD days. I think she could fit in with the girls... maybe.

So, just a lot of stuff going on. Just not BJD stuff. Gotta keep those creative juices flowing, right?

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