Monday, February 16, 2009

Princess and the Pea Daybeds

Ever since last summer I've been really getting into interior design. I have been really lusting to get a space of my own and decorate the heck out of it. Apartment Therapy is on my list of frequented sites, and I check it almost compulsively. I've gotten a ton of great ideas and have been inspired on countless occasions.

This time I am struck by these "Princess and the Pea" style daybeds/divans. I love the whole mismatched and layered quality to it. Plus they look so comfy.

The first one is a the Princess aux petit pois divan by Caravane a Parisian company apparently, and the second is the Princess Daybed by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien.

I think it would make a great DIY project. I definitely have my own take on the idea but I'm seriously thinking of incorporating it into my redesign scheme for my room. I'm currently hashing out the logistics of the project. Hopefully I'll be able to bring my vision to fruition during spring break, which happens to be in two weeks...

Where has all the time gone?


katherinewilliams24 said...

I don't really like daybeds but the ones I found on Ballard Designs made me totally change my mind!

Jessica said...

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