Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5. 20120619: spar, sole

He liked hiking. Alone. It was about the only thing that kept him sane, grounded, and sociable in the meantime. Recently, it seemed she had become the sole reason he had to trek up that mountain.

So when she asked if she could join him the next time, all he said was "no." But his sparse reply put her in a sparring mood and sparked a venomous response, which he endured through gritted teeth.

At the end of it she packed her bags; he went hiking.

With her gone his steps were light. Overlooking the city from higher than he had ever been since before he had met her, he wondered when it was that she had become the sole reason he had to come down from that mountain.

He continued, still skyward, the veins of feldspar under the soles of his hiking boots sparkling like the tears that had run down her cheeks.

To the list of other pieces inspired by random words.

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