Saturday, June 23, 2012

8. 20120623: carousel, fatigue, tartan, wheelchair, news, hand, scallop, door

All those years together I thought that you couldn't make my heart beat faster than you did when you kissed me on the carousel on our first date, my hair catching on the button of your hideous tartan jacket.

But then there was that accident.

Someone died, but I thanked God, and still do, that it wasn't you.

I thought my heart would fail me when I held your hand as the doctor came through the door to tell you the news about your legs.

You said it was divine justice for killing a man.

It was fatigue and sleep deprivation. It was an accident, but I wasn't sure you believed it.

For a while after that my heart would race with dread whenever you kissed me goodbye, my mind catching on your words: "I should have been the one to die."

So, I was sure that you couldn't make my heart beat faster still, but here I am, my heart fluttering as I lean in for the kiss, the scalloped hem of my wedding dress catching on the wheels of your wheelchair.

To the list of other pieces inspired by random words.

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