Monday, November 16, 2009

Dexter: My Infatuation

Blogging regularly is so difficult. I mean, there are only so many things that excite me on a day-to-day basis. I keep thinking and planning on incorporating blogging into a daily routine of sorts, but it's hard to get internally motivated to DO it. I'm more of a "take-it-in" kind of person. I do set aside numerous hours of the day to take in the daily offerings of TV. I get excited by that. I just can't seem to get excited about non-passive activities; thus is my nature.

So on that subject of excitement I decided today I'd rave about TV in a manner. I mean TV is just one of those things that keeps me going. I could talk about TV all day, but right now I'm going to be focused, and I'm going to tell a story about a very young woman, more like an old girl, who fell in love with "Dexter."

Dexter is in it's 4th season on Showtime. Being a cable show it's got it's fair share of blood and guts and sex and violence, but I think it's a necessary part of the show. It gives it that flair all it's own...

I don't remember when I started watching it. It was probably around the time the show just started. I remember being super excited hearing about a new show about a serial killer. That really piqued my interest. I have always loved serial killer movies; the non-horror, thriller genre. I really love romanticized serial killers. And I stress "romanticized." I am very anti-reality. I like the way things are portrayed in books and movies and TV and hardly ever the way they are in reality. I hate true crime as a genre. It sucks. In addition, serial killers in reality are never as attractive, charming, intelligent and overall likable as they are in stories. So the point? I liked Dexter before I even knew what Dexter really was.

Michael C. Hall is the perfect Dexter. I really can't imagine anyone else in the role at this point. His understated charm is what does it for me. Probably in conjunction with his physical nature. By that I mean he's more compact and earthy looking. That shortish, buffish, geekish, brutish look is perfect. Hall in Six Feet Under was pretty convincing as well. And on some level, Dexter Morgan and David Fisher are both so closeted and socially repressed...

Other notable cast members? Oh, I absolutely have to mention Julie Benz from Buffy the Vampire fame. Who could forget Darla, Angel's sire and whatnot. The idea of Mrs. Dexter Morgan having had relations with one Agent Seeley Booth in a previous life is somewhat unnerving. In addition, Jennifer Carpenter as Deborah Morgan, sister of Dexter Morgan? It must be weird having your real-life love interest portray your sibling. At least they're not blood-related on the show. Lastly, shout outs to C.S. Lee fellow Asian, Korean-American to be precise, for the role of Vince Masuka.

One of the best things about this show, aside from the engaging plot, and the talented cast, and the clever writing is the opening title sequence. I still have not tired of watching it, and I am a person that is easily bored with repetition. It is absolutely beautifully shot and the allusion to violence is perfectly executed. It has the underlying note of dark humor that is a key component to the success of the show. It sets the mood. It puts you there. It says, "It's time..."

Gosh. I wish it were time, but I have to wait another week. Thankfully, I've got House today. Perhaps I'll blog about that tomorrow...

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