Wednesday, November 18, 2009

House, what a character?

David Shore's hero-oriented procedural medical drama House M.D. now in it's 6th season on Fox has been and probably will continue to be a staple in my TV viewing regimen. I've always been a fan of the procedural. They're easy to watch due to their episodic nature and the intrinsic structure of the procedural sets the pace and mood of the show to which you are quickly accustomed. I'd say it's comforting. In addition to all the benefits of a procedural the fact that House is so character oriented makes it all the more compelling.

I'll be honest and say House was my introduction to Hugh Laurie. Of course after I knew of the existence of Mr. Hugh Laurie I noticed him in all these random other things... like that Friends episode where Rachel is on the plane to London to stop Ross's wedding. Oh, and I believe he was in Sense and Sensibility the movie with Kate Winslet. Crazy stuff...

Of the original characters, I can't say I was ever a fan of House's fellows, Chase, Cameron, or Foreman, especially not Cameron. Yuck. Really, any romantic storyline that involved Cameron I was not and still am not a fan of. I just really don't like Cameron as a character.

On the other hand I'm a fan of Cuddy and the whole House/Cuddy dynamic. I'll admit I was shocked that the writers were really sincere about the whole House/Cuddy thing. But I'm ok with it now especially since they started to delve into the I've-had-feelings-for-you-for-a-long-time idea. The only real complaint about Cuddy is that she really does dress pretty provocatively. Cleavage, cleavage, cleavage! It seems kind of far-fetched, but whatever...

Ah~ Robert Sean Leonard! Dead Poets Society! That is reason enough to love Robert Sean Leonard and therefore Wilson. Who doesn't love watching House and Wilson together anyway?

When they switched up the team after Chase was fired and Cameron quit. I thought it was going to be the death of the show. I mean, how was a character focused show supposed to recover from axing some of the key players? But they brought on some interesting characters, notably Amber aka Cutthroat Bitch. I wasn't a big fan of Wilson and Amber together, although the bit about Amber being a female House was pretty entertaining. It was a highlight of the season, and then she had to die.

Of all the new characters I liked Kutner the best. Although I wasn't a big fan of the whole my-parents-died sap story. I liked the playfulness of the character. It's so becoming of Kal Penn. But Kutner had to die.

I think I see a theme. I hope they kill Cameron next.

Just a gratuitous shot of the men of House M.D.

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